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Maritime Squadrons Association - Notices







News on DVA Qualifying Service issues - this may have an impact on some of our 10 and 11 Squadron Members.

Exercise SEA IMP progress see the members page.

Information is available on the members page

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2021 Dinner / Lunch Schedule




ADELAIDE LUNCH  Sunday May 2022



CANBERRA Lunch  March/ April  2022


NSW DINNER  Cancelled

(details below) 

2022 NSW Dinner July 2022?



BRISBANE DINNER and AGM 29 October 2022


 Due to the current and potential Covid 19 restrictions the National Executive has decided to cancel the Annual Dinner. The AGM will be held, with limited numbers and details will be circulated soon.


              Maurice Ritchie (Secretary, MSA)










Evening all MSA members who have been sitting on the edge of your seats to jump out and catch up. 

Unfortunately as a result of the recent outbreak in NSW and the ongoing lockdown requirements, HARS and I agree that the risk of the dinner on the 31st being cancelled is too high from a government perspective. It is also too high a risk for HARS as they are in lockdown and there is a potential quarantine/isolation risk for interstate risk for those travelling to attend, even though HARS is COVID-19 safe.

I am a risk mitigation person and not a risk avoider, however, based on all the indicators, we are still going to be in the high range by the end of the month. 

HARS and I are going to continue to lean forward and look at rescheduling once this outbreak is contained so watch this space. 

Funds that have been deposited are still held in the MSA account, however, if people would like a full refund, let me know by separate email and I will refund the monies. 


Regards, Rodney Smallwood <